Grunblau Soap Dish

Grunblau Soap Dish Production Files


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I will provide both the CAD geometry and the Gcode for you to be able to reproduce my soap dish on your own machine! This file is a fun way to test your machine's 3D capability as well as to verify things such as how parallel and perpendicular your axes are. You will also see that I have included the integrated flip geometry. This is a way I developed in order to simplify the process involved in milling a 2 sided object as the fixture is incorporated into the cut out geometry!

CAD files:

3DM (Native Rhino Format, saved in Version 4)
IGS (Good file format for transporting nurbs surfaces)
STP (Good file format for history based modelers such as SolidWorks)
DXF (Catch all format if others do not work. Saved in Version 2004)


These are the actual files I used to cut out the soap dish shown in the video below! You will see a thumbnail of the code for the corresponding toolpath.


Physically reproduce the soap dish to your heart's content! See the text file in the archive for more information!

As always, I would really enjoy seeing your results!

Happy Making!
Brian Oltrogge

Please allow 24 hours for me to send the files!
Gcode Steps
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