Platform CNC Production

When I designed and built this machine for myself, I had no idea of the overwhelmingly positive response it would receive! After being asked by friends and makers in the online community if I could reproduce one for them, I decided to do an Initial Run of 5 machines. By the time I placed the order, I had 12 people signed up and about 20 people on a waiting list!

Original Build Thread

Machine Specs (as built)

30” X 48” X 5.5“ Cutting Area (300 IPM)
Fast-Travel Precision Acme Threaded Rods
Gecko G540 4-Axis Stepper Motor Driver
Precision CNC Bent 3/16” Linear Rails
Optional Dual or Single Drive Y-Axis
48V 12.5A Switching Power Supply
4 High-torque NEMA 23 320 oz-in Motors
DumpsterCNC Acme Anti-backlash Nuts
Large Twist Lock E-Stop Button
Dual 80MM 120V Cooling Fans
Front Mounted Power Receptacle and Switch
Laser Cut Steel and Aluminum Construction
Rubberized Non-Slip Adjustable Machine Feet
Function Based Insert System

This kit contains all of the digitally fabricated aluminum and steel required to build the Platform CNC. This includes all handwork, surface prep, paint and powder coating.

Upon purchasing a kit, you will receive the detailed assembly guide complete with step by step instructions, wiring diagrams, etc... You will also receive an invite to join the Platform CNC Owner's Group! Here current owners are encouraged to share information and discuss topics related to the Platform CNC. As well as add to a growing library of Platform related files including insert geometry and head configurations.

I am very excited to announce that CNCRouterparts has put together a complete parts bundle that includes all of the additional parts required to complete the machine at a savings of over $100! This means you will no longer need to source components from multiple vendors! You will just need the Grunblau Platform Kit and the Complete CNCrouterparts bundle located here:

CNCRP Platform CNC Bundle

Please review the Bill of Materials to see an itemized list of all of the components required to complete the machine.

The Grunblau Platform CNC Kit is $1960 (plus shipping)

The total cost to complete the machine is right around $4k.

Production Run # 17 Deposit $360 (All spots are now filled)
This non-refundable deposit will hold your spot and will be deducted from the cost of the kit!

Thank you very much and I look forward to the next run soon!

Shipping costs will depend on your location.


Here are some frequently asked questions!

(1) 36" X 14" X 10" Box weighing 50 lbs (insured for $600) (1) 24" X 12" X 12" Box weighing 45 lbs (insured for $900) (1) 4" X 64" Shipping Tube weighing 45 lbs (insured for $300) All shipped via FedEx from White Lake, MI 48386
I initially chose orange for the Platform CNC as a nod to the “Rustbelt.” Most of the components in the kit are fabricated within the rustbelt. Many in the immediate area around Detroit where I live. The steel laser cutting and fabrication is done in South Lyon, MI. Waterjet cutting and aluminum fabrication is done in Fenton, MI and the powder coating is done in Brighton, MI. Further, the 80/20 aluminum extrusions are produced in Indiana, lead screws in Ohio, fasteners in Illinois... the list goes on! The Platform CNC will always be orange as it has sort of taken on a life of its own and is instantly recognizable partially due to its design and bold color!
The production time for a run of kits is usually 6-8 weeks from when I order the steel. I do them in batches of twelve. Ten of these kits are available online for deposits. When the run is complete and everything is accounted for, I post the two remaining kits as a buy now option.
When designing the Platform CNC for myself, I really wanted to arrive at a footprint that was the best compromise of space requirements and functionality. When I was honest with myself, I realized that about 95% of things I would want to cut would fit in a 24”X 48” envelope. The other 5% could probably be made by applying a small amount of creativity. So after a lot of consideration, I arrived at 30”X 48” as being a very good 'designer' footprint. The components are specific to this size. With the adaptation of an alternative linear rail system, the footprint could be expanded lengthwise. I do not currently have a solution to this. I am working on it though!
Short answer: No, please don't ask. Long answer: Deciding to put together this kit represents a huge investment of time and resources for me. I am continuing to produce the kits even though I don't make a lot of money doing it. By leveraging multiple quantities, we end up saving a lot per kit vs doing a one off machine. When I did the prototype, it cost me over $6500 not including the parts I had remade. If you were to do a one off copy, this is closer the amount you would pay.
Incidentally, if this machine was a commissioned work of design, I would charge almost 3 times that!
Currently, I can only do them 12 at a time as this is the physical limitation of my studio. This means that when I do a new run, I offer deposits at the begining of fabrication. I do not have a waiting list as consecutive runs would fill up quickly and no one would be happy with the wait. Trust me, first come, first serve is better for everyone involved!
That said, I do maintain a mailing list. If you are interested in being a part of the next run, send me an email. I may not respond directly, but I will mark your email address for a notification email when the next run opens for deposits. That way you will get the first crack at the new slots!

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Please check out the FAQs to the left! If you still have questions, feel free to send me a note. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Made in America

The Platform CNC Kit is Designed, Cut, Fabricated, and Finished in Michigan, USA!
Email: Address:
White Lake, Michigan 48386