Fire Basket Grill PLANS


I designed a fire basket out of simple angle iron. What I came up with would be very time consuming to layout considering all of the intersecting angles. I decided to try an alternative method and print patterns that could be simply applied to the actual steel angles. Now you can use these patterns to build your own fire basket too!

These are the patterns I used to build my Fire Basket Grill!

Gr├╝nblau Fire Basket Grill Pattern Set

Please allow 24 hours for me to email you the files!


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Fire Basket Grill

I got my steel at but these are standard sizes that you are likely able to find at your favorite home improvement store. This project required (2.5) 2" X 2" X 60" and (2) 1" X 1" X 60" long pieces of steel angle. (1) 1.5" X 48" steel strap and a 24" square sheet of expanded steel. This is what I sourced for this project. Of course I had extra left over, but these were the standard sizes available.
I got the grill top at ACE Hardware. It is a replacement grill for a 22" grill, but actually measures 17" in diameter. You could always buy a bit of 1/4" rod and go full custom for your grill!

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